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Welcome to Firearmsinformation.info a website dedicated to the Canadian shooting community. Whether you’re a hunter, a plinker, or a black rifle enthusiast,Firearmsinformation.info has something for you.

A Community-minded Website

Firearmsinformation.info was developed with the user in mind. The firearm community has a long history of mentoring newcomers to the shooting sports. We are a relatively small community, and we help each other out by sharing our accumulated knowledge with other shooters

Firearmsinformation.info is no different.

When you register your free account with Firearmsinformation.info, you will automatically become an author, which allows you to add articles to the website at your leisure, using the Write an Article link at the top of every page, and at the bottom of every section and category in the image form of a small blank sheet of paper.

All new articles will be read and edited by me, the Administrator, and moderated. In time, users who show involvement and interest in Firearmsinformation.info will be given editor status, enabling them to approve and moderate submitted articles.
Share your Thoughts

Let it all out! Your opinion is very valuable, and we want to hear it! Maybe you’ve written an opinion essay (like a letter to the editor) that you would like to share with us, or maybe you want to share your opinion by writing a review or range report on that new firearm you’ve just aquired.

Whatever your contribution, we welcome it.
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You can start your authoring and contributing by registering an account (see the column on the right). If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE CONTACT US using the Contact Us link at the top of every page!

Once again, welcome to Firearmsinformation.info!


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